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  1. Solder Paste - Halogen Free Ultra Life (Sn96.5/Ag3.0//Cu0.5)

    If the product has been refrigerated allow to warm up to roomtemperature (at least 8 hours) if using for the first time. Stir witha spatula for at least 30 seconds to ensure homogenisation ofpaste. Apply sufficient paste to stencil to allow a smooth evenroll. A bead diameter of 1/2 to 5/8 inch is normally sufficient.Squeegees should be set at 60° for highest print definition.Pressure should be around about 0.28-0.33Kg/sq cm, printspeed 20-150mm/sec with 0.0mm snap-off distance (oncontact).Do not store new and used paste in the same container. Once apot of paste has been opened, replace the internal plug, re-sealand store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Do not returnto fridge Paste that has not been opened may be kept in arefrigerator for at least 12 months.Paste can be stored at up to 50°C for 30 days without affectingviscosity.This paste does not require refrigerated storage, however can bestored in a fridge if you prefer.
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  2. Nitrogen Cast Solder (Nitro Flo 63/37)

    Nitro Flo 63/37 Tin/Lead – Nitrogen cast, high purity, dross inhibited solder for all electronic soldering applications.Available in 1 kilo bars, 3.5 kilo feeders and small chunks.
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  3. Solder Paste Lead Free SAC 305 (Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5)

    No clean, low slumping, No solder balls, Controlled Viscosity, Fine pitch. Excellent wetting, 72 hour tack.Alloy: 96.5Sn, 3.0Ag, 0.5Cu Flux content: 12% RMA Particle size: Type T4 22-38 Micron Typical Profile length 3-4.5 minutes Initial heating rate 1-4°C Soak time from 150-180°C 60-90 secs or 60-120 seconds if using a faster initial heating rate to 170°C Ramp From 180°C to peak 2-3°C per second Time above 220° C 45-75 seconds Peak temp 240-260°C* *To accommodate some LED component profiles Cool down 2-5°C per second
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