1. ACL 4020 / 4030 (ESD FLOOR CLEANER) Staticide Neutral Cleaner

    For normal surface cleaning of floors, first sweep floor to remove surface dirt. Then mop floor with one of the Neutral Cleaner solutions. Allow to air dry before resuming foot traffic.
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  2. ACL 6300 Staticide ESD Safety Shield

    Anti-Static Aerosol Formula The 6500 formula, like the 6300, is designed for applications on common plastics such as acrylic, PET, PETG, PVC, and polycarbonate, but it is available in an economical aerosol container. A light spray application is sufficient for excellent electrical performance. Coating cures at ambient temperature. Intended for indoor use, this product is ideal for plastic parts, bins, and shelving. Our tests show electricals will last at least two years.Surface resistance of 10e6 to 10e9 ohms Water-based Humidity independent Translucent without appearing “milky”The Staticide® ESD Safety Shield coatings are made of a proprietary blend of conducting polymers which allows the coating to be inherently dissipative regardless of ambient relative humidity. Unlike surfactants, this Pedot formulation provides dependable protection by allowing static to dissipate safely without wearing off or losing resistivity.Surface resistivity of 106 to 109 ohms/sq, Water-based acrylic.Translucent without appearing “milky”Adheres to a variety of plastics without chipping or peeling Meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 for static dissipation Can be applied via flow coat, dipping, foam brush, or spray. Ambient cure.
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  3. ACL 2005 Staticide Topical Anti-Static Protection, Heavy -Duty, 1 Quart

    Color: Very slight amber/clear Container Size: 1 Quart Spray Bottle Container Volume: 1 qt.Flammable: No Mixing Ratio: 1:39 Odor: Slight Floral Physical Form: Liquid Size: 1 Quart Spray
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  4. 4100 Staticide Restorer Cleaner

    : Sweep floor with untreated,dry mop. Dilute Restorer Cleaner 10:1 (10 parts water to 1 part concentrate). Using a clean rayon mop, apply a thin coat of mixed solution to the floor by fully saturating mop and then wringing out excess cleaner, so that the floor is not over saturated with moisture. Remove soiled solution.Allow floor to dry one hour before resuming traffic.For auto scrubbers, gently scrub diluted solution with clean polishing pad (white).Use 1,500 - 2,000 RPM with light pressure setting to prevent removal of finish.Check resistivity and apply a second treatment if necessary. Consult floor finish application procedure for details and
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  5. ACL Staticide 2006 Static Sentry, Aerosol, 12 oz., White

    Brand Name ACL Staticide EAN 0030387200601 Item Volume 12 ounces Item Weight 340.0 grams Model Number 2006-each Number of Items 2 Part Number 2006
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  6. ACL 6001, 6002 Mat & Table Top Cleaner.

    ACL Mat & Table Top Cleaner is a multi-purpose static dissipative rejuventating cleaner that is designed for maintaining the surface resistivity of ESD mats. It is the ideal cleaner for areas in which static-sensitive devices are assembled, tested, and handled, but can also be used in areas that require a mild but effective cleaner. This non-abrasive formula cleans and restores dead spots that have lost electrical characteristics. It is safe to use on the workbench, table tops and anti-static mats, including rubber and vinyl.Mat & Table Top Cleaner is a non-flammable cleaner that leaves no film or streaks. It effectively removes flux residues, oily finger marks, grease, nicotine, dirt, grime and inorganic contaminants. It also removes dirt on chair mats and other anti-static mats without degrading the surface’s anti-static properties.
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  7. ACL 7001s Staticide Hi-Tech Hand Lotion

    Moisture on skin is vital to wrist strap performance for personal grounding. ACL Staticide® Hi Tech Hand Lotion’s static dissipative formula moisturizes the skin for better bonding between the skin and wrist strap which is imperative in the electronics manufacturing industry.Enriched with natural moisturizers, including aloe vera and vitamin E, Staticide® Hi Tech Hand Lotion will encourage good skin health and softer hands.Daily use of this hand lotion relieves and prevents dryness,flaking and irritation caused by the constant use of gloves and chemicals.This non-acidic, greaseless formula comes in a clean fresh scent or in fragrance-free. It contains no glycerin,silicone, lanolin or mineral oil. It absorbs quickly into the skin, providing good contact between the skin and wrist strap, and will not contaminate work surfaces, leaving your work area ESD safe.
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  8. ACL Staticide 2003 General Purpose Staticide

    Classification Antistatic Form Liquid Color Very slight amber/clear Approximate cloud point (F°) 30°F Approximate solidification point (F°) +20°F Solubility in water Complete Dilution compatibility Water, hard or soft Density, lbs/gal 8.3 Specific Gravity 25°C/40°C .98 pH (approximate) 7-8 Odor Slight floral Taste slightly bitter Irritation None Sensitivity None Toxicity None Surface tension-reducing power Superior Flammability None Applications Spray, dip, wipe, coat Freeze-Thaw capacity excellent, no adverse effects Shelf Life Indefinite Temperature Stability Withstands up to 30 minutes @ 450°F
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  9. 4600 Staticide Ultra Floor Finish

    No other ESD floor finish can match Staticide® Ultra Floor Finish for electrical properties, physical longevity, and gloss. This urethane-enhanced formula features superior abrasion resistance and durability, fortifying floors with a long-lasting protective layer that is shiny and ESD-safe for 12 to 24 months.By maximizing stripping cycles, companies can keep costs down by eliminating annual labor fees and production shutdowns.Staticide® Ultra Floor Finish is the perfect choice for any environment where static control is required, such as electronic,medical, and clean room manufacturing facilities. With an average surface resistivity of 108 -109 ohms per square, Staticide®Ultra Floor Finish fulfills ANSI/ESD S20.20 guidelines and is suitable for sensitive device manufacturing.This water-based formula is UL listed for slip resistance, RoHS compliant, biodegradable, non-flammable, and free of formaldehyde, phthalates, alkalis, acids, and ammonia.
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  10. ACL Staticide 8622 Flux Remover Lead Free

    Description Powerful Flux Remover for High Temperature, Lead-Free Flux Removal.12 oz. / 340 g Aerosol
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  11. ACL 8640 Staticide Turbo Blast

    Turbo Blast Precision Duster is an economical,high-precision duster with maximum blasting power for electronic cleaning applications. Its exceptional purity instantly rids surfaces of particulate contamination without leaving residuals. This powerful duster is engineered to remove dirt, dust, oxide particles, and other airborne particles instantly and can be used to facilitate the accelerated drying of solvent cleaners in a variety of applications.Ideal for the following applications:• Removing dirt, dust, and other dry contaminants • Accelerating dry time of solvents • Blow off of PCB during manufacture • Maintaining specialized electronic equipment including medical,
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  12. ACL 8604 Staticide Electronics Rinse VT

    Electronics Rinse VT is the most economical, non-flammable, general purpose electronic component rinse. This high-pressure cleaning agent is excellent for removing grease, oil, and flux residues. Specially formulated with DuPont Vertrel, this lowodor and low-environmental impact aerosol will instantly evaporate without leaving a residue.Cleaning action removes contaminants while restoring efficiency and maintaining instrument precision. Great for removing oxidized soils from printed circuit boards, switches, circuit breakers, motors and armatures.Ideal for the following applications:• Printed circuit boards; electronics equipment; PLC’s.• Contacts and relays; circuit breakers; finger connectors; fuses.• Control systems; precision devises; stencils/screens.• Test/measurement devices; switches; fiber optic splices.
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